Be On TV: Kids In The Kitchen (TV Show Pilot)

Do your kids love to watch the kids cooking shows on national television? Now they have a chance to be on a local TV show with us as we teach the basics of home cooking and introduce the element of friendly competition in each episode.

This is like no other cooking class your child has ever taken. Each episode will start with a cooking lesson by Chef Tiffany. Then each participant has the opportunity to cook a recipe using that skill in a friendly competition format

Final dishes will be judged on:

  • Presentation
  • Creativity
  • Taste

How To Audition For The Kids In The Kitchen Show

To audition to be a participant on the Kids In The Kitchen Show, parents must send an email to telling us their name, birth date, age, parent contact info, why they are a good fit for a cooking competition for kids, along with 2 snapshots of recipes they have created ***on their own***. Nothing fancy - just whip out your phone and take a picture. We just need to know that they can cook basic recipes on their own. 

When you are deciding if you child is a good fit, keep in mind that the ability to listen and follow directions is more important that the ability to make a super fancy recipe. They also need to be able to handle friendly competition without angst. 

Participants will be chosen based on their age, their photographs, why they want to be on the show, and a short interview so we can see their personality. 

Because of the delay in filming, participants and their families will not be allowed to discuss what happens on the show until each episode airs publicly. Parents will be asked to sign a special release form for the purpose of this show. (We will not have the legal ramifications that the Food Network requires, but the surprise of the grand finale is important to the success of the show.) If we want to have future seasons, we need to be able to keep the outcome a secret.

[UPDATE] The contestants have been chosen! Congratulations to Zakkery, Anna, Grant, Paige, Claire, Eric, Jenna, and Connor! I look forward to cooking with you this season!

Audition Deadline: Sunday, August 20th at midnight

Filming Dates: Tuesdays, September 12 - October 24 (7 weeks)

TV Airing Dates: TBD, but hopefully early to mid-October

Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm

Age: 10-15 yrs

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